Monuments can be difficult to shop for simply because they are not items that you typically consider purchasing on a regular basis. If you were to buy a new tv you would have an idea of what size and type you would want. If you were purchasing a business you would find countless online resources and consultants to assist you. However, when it comes to purchasing a headstone, there simply isn’t much information available. That is why we created this page.

How to Choose a Monument Company Selecting a monument company with whom you will do business is a very important part of the monument purchase process. While many families are interested solely in the price of the monument, it is also important to consider the reliability of the company you will work with. This factor is pertinent for many reasons including the ability to provide future repairs or maintenance services and the ability to ensure that your monument will most definitely be placed in the cemetery after you have purchased and paid.

To assist in learning the criteria that designates a great monument company, please read How to Choose a Reputable Monument Retailer.


Epitaphs are the sayings that people often place on headstones. At Enduring Love Memorials. we recognize that it is difficult to create a saying that represents a loved one’s life and have compiled a list to help.

What About Veterans?

At Enduring Love Memorials we are proud of the country we are blessed to live in and thank those who have given their lives for our freedom. While you may know that certain burial benefits are available to veterans, you may not know that we can assist you with arranging for a VA headstone.

Veterans are entitled to a government-issue military marker through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. While many families use the VA marker as a foot stone (i.e. at the foot of the grave), others do prefer to utilize the marker as the primary headstone.